Leading the Pack in Motorsport Event Management

With a demand for high-octane events, Pro Connect Group has established itself as the frontrunner in providing comprehensive event services tailored to the exciting world of motorsport. Our “MOTORSPORTS” services page is where the rubber meets the road, showcasing our unmatched capabilities to plan, manage, and deliver thrilling motorsport events that capture the imagination of fans and participants alike.

Full Throttle Event Production for Your Motorsport Needs

Bespoke Solutions for Motorsport Events Near Me

Whether you’re looking for a team to handle a local rally or a grand prix, our motorsport event management services cater to every aspect of creating a successful event. As avid motorsport enthusiasts, our team brings a level of passion and precision that’s crucial for the fast-paced nature of these events.

Exceptional Motorsport Event Planning for Unforgettable Races

Pro Connect Group specializes in motorsport event planning, transforming race tracks into stages for unforgettable spectacles. From logistics to live feeds, we cover every angle to ensure your motorsport event is not just an event—it’s an experience.

The Expertise of a Professional Motorsports Event Planner

Our motorsports event planner team combines deep industry knowledge with a drive for innovation, managing the sights, sounds, and safety of motorsport events with expert precision. We understand that a race isn’t just another event; it’s a showcase of speed, skill, and performance.

The Pro Connect Edge: Where Passion Meets Professionalism

Integrating Superior AV and Lighting for High-Speed Excitement

In motorsport, every second counts—and so does every sensory detail. Pro Connect Group’s expertise in Event Audio/Video and Event Lighting brings a dynamic edge to your event, ensuring that every rev and rush is seen and heard in stunning clarity, whether live or broadcasted.

Masterful Production Design Geared for Motorsport Magic

Our Production Design services go beyond aesthetics; they create immersive environments that make fans feel like part of the action. From the pit lane to the podium, our designs set the stage for a world-class motorsport atmosphere.

Precision-Driven Production Management for Seamless Races

Effective Production Management is the backbone of a successful motorsport event. Pro Connect Group’s meticulous management services ensure that every component, from timing systems to trackside branding, operates flawlessly, keeping your focus on the race.

Rev up your motorsport event with the expertise of Pro Connect Group. Our team is ready to push the limits and drive your event across the finish line to success.


Our team approaches the unique challenges of motorsport event management with a combination of industry-leading practices, robust planning strategies, and a deep understanding of motorsport logistics. We tackle each challenge with precision and adaptability, ensuring a smooth event from start to finish.

Yes, our experience spans a wide range of motorsport events, from intimate local races to large-scale international competitions. Our motorsport event planning services are scalable and customizable to fit the size and complexity of any event.

We provide state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, timing and scoring systems, broadcasting tools, track safety equipment, and more. Each piece of technical equipment is sourced and maintained to provide reliability and performance.

We utilize a mix of live entertainment, interactive displays, and digital engagement tools to keep the audience involved and excited. Our audiovisual setups are designed to capture and magnify every moment, keeping the thrill of the race alive for every spectator.

To begin working with us on your motorsport event near me, reach out through our website contact form, give us a call, or visit our Portland office for a consultation. We’re ready to bring our passion and expertise to your next motorsport event.

Don’t let your motorsport event stall at the starting line. Partner with Pro Connect Group, where passion for

Motorsport and event production expertise combine to create an extraordinary racing experience.

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